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How it works

Let’s get started with a Quickstart guide to finding your unit economics:

Step 1:

Login to Marginz.io

Step 2:

On the first instance, you will be asked to connect to QuickBooks. Click on the button to connect.

Step 3:

Your inventory items will be automatically populated from QuickBooks. Select the inventory items that are products (i.e., the ones that you sell to customers).

Step 4:

Any inventory items that you did not select as products in Step 3 will be displayed as Raw Materials. These Raw Materials will be used in creating the products (i.e., the ones you selected in Step 3).

Step 5:

For each product, select the raw material composition and the proportionate amounts (it could be in kg, numbers, liters, etc. The units don’t matter, the numbers do.)

Step 6:

After entering the raw material composition, we next add Direct Labour and Direct Overhead costs to produce each product. For your simplicity, our algorithm has clubbed the Direct Labour and Direct Overhead costs from your QuickBooks account automatically and the same is populated. All you have to do is allocate the amount of Direct Overhead that is used up in production.

Step 7:

Once some percentage Overhead is allocated to Production (say, for example, 40%), here you allocation the amount of Direct Labour and Overhead to the specific products.

Remember, the Direct Labour allocations must total to 100% over the products you select and the Direct Overhead allocations must total to the amount entered previously in Step 6 (say, as 40%).

Step 8:

Press Next. Voila, your dashboard will show you the Total Production Cost, Cost per product unit and Profit per product unit.

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